Archived issues of Methodus


No. 1 December 1989
Articles are combined in five page groups.
Group #1
Origin of the Network 1
From The Editor 2
Statement of Objectives 2
Founding Members, Area Correspondents, Officers 3
Group #2
Taking method Seriously    H.K.H. Woo 4
Where to Begin?    E. Meehan 8
Group #3
Notes on Methodology    K.E. Boulding 9
Attribution of Causality and Responsibility    W.J. Samuels & J.E. Biddle 9
Policy Simulations with Econometric Models    T. Mayor 13
Program versus Project Aid: A Role Reversal    P.P. Streeten 14
Group #4
John Stuart Mackenzie on Method    J.P. Henderson 15
Book Notes: The Consequences of Economic Rhetoric 15
Publications, Papers and Manuscripts Received 20


Vol. 2 No. 1 June 1990
Contents Page
From The Editor 2
My Conception of Economic Science
M. Allais 5
Positive and Normative COnflicts in the Expanding
Domain of Economics: Induced Distortions and
P. Nicolaides 8
Taxonomy as a Source of Error
K.E. Boulding 17
E.J. Meeham 22
Economics, Science and Society
D.R. Fusfeld 30
On the Notion of Epistemic Opportunity Cost
H.K.H. Woo 33
Comments on the Rhetoric Projects in
J.B. Davis 38
“New” Growth Theory: Some Methodological
N.J. Wulwick 40
American Responses to the methodenstreit of the
late Nineteenth Century: A Centenary Post-Mortem
W.J. Barber 43
A Note on Menger’s Philosophy of Science
W. Meyer 46
Observing by Watching: Putting People Back to
S. Maital 48
Book Notes
A. Wong 50
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Constitution of the Network 53
Minutes of the First Executive Committte Meeting 56
Reports from Area Correspondents 57
Conference News 58
Publication News 59
Publications, Papers and Manuscripts Received 60
Letter to the Editor 61


Vol. 2 No. 2 December 1990
Contents Page
From The Editor 2
J.J. Klant 6
On Causation, the Principle of Unforeseen
Consequences, and the Matrix of Human
Action: The Case of the Iraqi Conquest of
W.J. Samuel 9
Form and Content in Appraising Recent
Economic Developments
D. Colander 16
Metaphilosophy and Methodology in
N. Jacobi 23
Interpretive Reasoning and the Study of Social
P.J. Boettke 35
Macrofoundations for Microanalysis
J. Gerber, H. Singh & R. Frantz 46
Qualitative Economics: New perspectives
K.P. Lin & A.M. Farley 50
The Impossibility of Consistent Preferences:
Methodological Implications
P. Nicolaides 56
Scientific Reduction, Reductionism and
Metaphysical Reduction – A Broad View of
Economic Methodology
H.K.H. Woo 61
Toward an Interpretive Economics: Some
Hermeneutic Issues
D.L. Prychitko 69
Time as a Third Dimension in the One Period
Neoclassical Monopoly Pricing Model
C.C. Langlois 73
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Communications 76
Work on Progress 82
Conference News 84
Reports from Area Correspondents 86
Papers Received 88


Vol. 3 No. 1 June 1991
Contents Page
From The Editor 3
“Has Formalization in Economics Gone too
Economic Science: A Search Through the
Hyperspace of Assumptions?
D.N. McCloskey 6
In Defense of Formalization in Economics
D.W. Katzner 17
Comment: Has Formalization Gone Too Far?
B.J. Caldwell 27
Discussion Notes of “Formalization”
R.M. Solow 30
“How Scientific is Economics?”
A Note on the Meaning of “Scientific”
K.E. Boulding 32
E.J. Meehan 34
Economics, Science, and the Positive vs.
Normative Distinction
J.E. Leightner 42
Law-Fact Relativity and the Bounded
Scientificity of Economics
H.K.H. Woo 44
Economic Theory and Explanation: A
Constructive Empiricist Perspective
T.A. Boylan and P.F. O’Gorman 53
Credible Economics
J. Connor 58
Articles and Short Papers
J.J. Klant 64
Economic Methodology: Heterogeneity and
A. Sen 67
Are there any Signs of Postmodernism with
S.C. Dow 81
New Controversies in Evolutionary Biology:
Lessons for Economists?
J.M. Gowdy 86
On “Metaphilosophy and Methodology in
A. Vilks 90
Alfred Marshall’s Methodology
J.D. Hammond 95
Economic Method and Economic History: An
Historian’s View
J.R. Fisher 102
What is Wrong with Economics is What is
Wrong with its Methodological Foundations
M.I. Ansari 108
New Developments in the Methodology of
G.P. Lima 114
Supply and Demand of Economic Theory
P. Söderbaum 124
Dependence of Research Methodology on
Laboratory Tools in Economics
B. Bidabad 129
An Interview with Arjo Klamer
Y.B. Choi 131
Book Review Column
Statement of Editorial Policy 138
A Review of Philip Mirowski’s More Heat than
Light: Economics as Social Physics, Physics as
Nature’s Economics
K.D. Hoover 139
A Review of L.A. Boland’s The Methodology of
Economic Model Building: Methodology after
J. Birner 146
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Reports from Area Correspondents 155
Conference News 157
Publication News 159
Papers Received 159


Vol. 3 No. 2 December 1991
Contents Page
From The Editor 3
The Theory and Practice of Economic Methodology
Lawrence A. Boland 6
Our Mad Rush to Measure: How did We Get into
This Mess?
Donald W. Katzner 18
Economics as Science and/or Social Science
Norton Jacobi 27
Economic Theory & Realsim: Outlines of a
Rajani K. Kanth 37
Joop J. Klant 46
Positive Economics and the Role of Econometrics
J. Lynne Evans 48
The Methodological Challenge of Development
Hans C. Blomqvist and Mats Lundahl
Perception & Interest in Population Economics
M. Assenmarcher 59
The Suppression of Evolutionary Approaches in
Economics: The Case of Marshall and Monopolistic
Nicolai Juul Foss 65
Marshall’s Partial Equilibrium Analysis: a
Methodological Note
Andrea Salanti 73
Keynes’s Dichotomy: A Methodological Escape
for Theoretic Revolution
Richard X. Chase 79
Fritz Machlup and Marginalism: A Reevaluation
Richard N. Langolois and Roger Koppl 86
Metaphilosophy and Methodology in Economics:
Reply to Arnis Vilks
Norton Jacobi 103
Explanation, Ontology and Reductionism in
Economics: A Constructive Empiricist Perspective
Thomas A. Boylan and Paschal F. O’Gorman 107
A Note on the Possibility of a Pure Theory of
Michel Rosier 111
The Purposes of Political Economy
H.W. Arndt 113
Symposium on Political Economy 117
An interview with Kevin Hoover 118
Book Review Column
A Review of Deborah A. Redman’s Economics and
the Philosophy of Science
Alan Nelson 128
What is the Use of Social Science? A Review of
Charles E. Lindblom’s Inquiry and Change: The
Troubled Attempt to Understand and Shape Society
Harry Redner 131
Let’s be Serious about Methodology in
Econometrics: Review of The Limits of Economics
by A.C. Barnell and J.L. Evans
Aris Spanos 137
Friedman’s Stance Towards Economic Orthodoxy:
A Review of Hirsch and de Marchi’s Milton
Friedmand, Economics in Theory and Practice
Maarten C.W. Janseen 148
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Reports from Area Correspondents 154
Letters from Book Series Editor 156
Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 159
Obituary 160
Papers Received 161


Vol. 4 No. 1 June 1992
Contents Page
From The Editor 3
“The Meaning and Purposes of Political
Purpose, Method and Theory in the New
Political Economy: A Response to H.W. Arndt
Stephen Haggard
Taking Political Economy Seriously 11
Geoffrey Brennan
What is Political Economy? 16
Peter Groenwegen
The Political Economy Family: A Metaphor 19
Jonathan E. Leightner and Jeanne L. Jensen
The Meaning of Political Economy: A Note 22
George Rosen
Two Concepts of Political Economy 24
Derek T. Healey
Political Economy or Political economy: An
Illustratice Guide to the Meaning of Political
Economy Using Venn Diagrams
Patrick A. McNutt
A Post-Keynesian Comment 30
G.C. Harcourt
The Meaning and Purposes of Political Economy: A
Schumpeterian Framework
Richard X. Chase
Was Karl Marx a Political Economist (or Just an
Economist)? Class Power in Relations to the Entry
Points of Capital
Elias L. Khalil
The Political Economy of Marx’s Theory of the
Falling Rate of Profit: Methodological
Stephen Cullenberg
The Psychology of Political Economy 55
John Quiggin
Articles and Short Papers
Surprising Results 58
Richard A. Levins and Dona D. Warren
The Constructivist Critique of Economic
Roger E. Backhouse
Atomism, Identity Criteria, and Impossibility
John B. Davis
Economic Theory of Structure and Change 88
Mauro Baranzini and Roberto Scazzieri
Mature Capitalism: Reflextions on the Organized
Market Economy
Alain Bienaymé
Fox, Hedgehog, and Owl: Three Temperaments
in Economic Discourse
Elias L. Khalil
Evolutionism in Natural Sciences and Social
Sciences: On Basic Concepts of Evolutionary
Gerhard Hanappi
Friedman’s Methodological Stance and Popper’s
Situational Logic
Robert Nadeau
The Keynesian Revolution from a Philosophy of
Science Perspective: Revolutionary or
Mark Pernecky
Time and Cost: Remedying the Inadequacies of
the Received Wisdom
Alan Abouchar
The Basic Entities of Economy 149
Asher Idan and Marcelo Dascal
Book Review Column
A Review of R.J. Epstein’s History of Econometrics
and M.S. Morgan’s The History of Econometric Ideas
Robert L. Basman and Nancy J. Wulwick
A Review of New Keynesian Economics edited
by N. Gregory Mankiw and David Romer
David Colander
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Reports from Area Correspondents 171
Conference News 172
Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 175
Papers Received 175
Letter to the Editor 177


Volume 4   Number 2 December 1992
Contents Page
From The Editor 1
Falsification as a Limiting Case in the
Methodology of Epistemic Accounting System.
Henry K.H. Woo 6
Price Theory as Physics: The Cartesian Influence
on Walras
Roger Koppl 17
Economics and Biology: Eight Areas of Research
Elias L. Khalil 29
Keynes’ Partial Revolution: The Roles of
Professionalization and Political Legitimation
Mark Pernecky 46
Roger Backhouse’s Straw Herring
E. Roy Weintraub 53
Rejoinder: Why Methodology Matters
Roger E. Backhouse 58
Other Papers
Rationality and Economic Behavior
Daniel R. Fusfeld 63
On Altruism and Cooperation
M. Teresa Lunati 69
Investment Decisions as Choice under Uncertainty
Cynthia M. Browning 76
Economic and Evolutionary Theories, Sociality,
and the Origins of Economic Growth
John R. Fisher 88
Obscuring the Normative: How the Texts Evaluate
Monopoistic Competition
David George 96
The Theory versus the Practice of Methodology
Jonathan E. Leightner 105
Symposium on Economics and Biology 107
Book Review Column
Thick as a Brick
Adolfo Garcia de la Sienra 108
On the Cynicism of Value and the Value of
Harry Render 112
Are We All Convinced Methodological
Individualists Now?
Jack Vromen 121
A Promising View on the Growth of Knowledge
and Economic Prospects
Naomi Moldofsky 127
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Book Notes/Call for Papers 135
Reports from Area Correspondents 136
Minutes of General Meeting 139
Papers Received/Omission 140
Letter to the Editor 141


Vol. 5   No. 1 June 1993
Contents Page
Introducing A New Journal 3
Why Economists Can’t Read
Craig Freedman 6
Alexandria and Mathematical Economics
Gordon Tullock 24
The Conservatism of programme Continuity:
Criticism of lakatosian Methodology in Economics
Bart Nooteboom 31
“Empirical Content” and Formal Economic Theory
Arnis Vilks 47
Methodological Principles of Institutional Political
Economy: Holism, Evolution and Contradiction
Phillip Anthony O’Hara 51
Symposium on “Economics and Biology”
Can Biology Inspire Economists?
Alex Viskovatoff 72
Theoretical Links between Economics and
Evolutionary Biology
Joseph Loreato 79
The Exosomatic Mode of Human Evolution
and a Clarification of Nicholas Georgeseu-Roegen’s
Thoughts on Entropy, the Economic Process,
Dialectics and Evolution
Kozo Mayumi 88
Natural Selection and Economics
Maurice Lagueux 93
Cycles and Evolution in Ecology and Economics
J. Barkley Rosser Jr. 101
Frustrated Physicists x Baffled Biologists Yields
Giant Hybrid Delphian Economists ???
Hans Larsen 104
The Implications of Puntuated Equilibrium for
Economic Theory and Policy
John M. Gowdy 111
The Software Market as a Complex Evolving
Ben Goertzel 114
Economic Applications in Biology
Gordon Tullock 122
“Punctuated Equilibrium” and Economic Research
Albert Somit 124
Discussion of Elias Khalil’s “Economics and
Biology: Eight Areas of Research”
S.N. Salthe 126
Book Review Column
Rhetoric and Normativism: An Idiosyncratic
Appraisal from the Standpoint of the History of
Economic Thought
Mark Perlman 129
Does Theory of Rationality Need Folk Psychology?
Elias L. Khalil 140
David versus the Goliaths
Steven Pressman 144
In Search of a “New” Paradigm in Economics
Hans C. Blomqvist 147
Lakatos Again
Daniel M. Hausman 150
Endnotes are grouped as a single .PDF file.
Reports from Area Correspondents 154
Papers Received 156
Obituary 157
Call for Book Proposals 158
Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 159
Letter to Membership 160

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