Methodus archive

Methodus was replaced in June 1994 by the Journal of Economic Methodology. As INEM has grown in membership and activity so has interest in Methodus. Since back issues of Methodus are difficult to obtain, INEM has created this website in an effort to make its contents widely available.

Questions and Comments may be directed to Ricardo Crespo at 

Archived issues of Methodus

Number 1 Number 2
Volume 1 Dec. 1989 *
Volume 2 June 1990 Dec. 1990
Volume 3 June 1991 Dec. 1991
Volume 4 June 1992 Dec. 1992
Volume 5 June 1993 **

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. You can download Acrobat free of charge HERE.

* The Dec. 1989 issue was the first issue of Methodus.
** Volume 5 Number 2 was cancelled in order to devote
time to developing the first issue of the Journal
of Economic Methodology


  • Some articles are grouped together in Volume 1 Number 1.
  • End Sections are listed individually but are combined
    as a single PDF file.

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