Constitution of the International Network for Economic Method
The name of the organization shall be The International Network for Economic Method (INEM).
1 The purpose of the INEM is to promote scholarly investigation of issues involved in the methodology of economics and to provide opportunities for sharing the results of this research among members of the academic community.
2 The objectives of the organization include to promote the publication of on-going research; to encourage individual research involving students at all levels; to recognize outstanding achievements in any of the fields of investigation included in INEM; to sponsor international conferences of scholars and practitioners for the purpose of sharing needs, discoveries, and information of mutual benefit; to publish the proceedings of these conferences; and to engage in such other activities that promote world-wide interest and activity in research on the various aspects of economic methodology.
1. Membership and Affiliation
1.1 Membership
1.1.1 Regular membership is available to anyone who indicates an interest in the purposes and objectives of the Association and who subscribes to membership with an application and the payment of dues.
1.1.2 Sustaining and Life Memberships may be available to individuals who wish to establish a lifetime commitment to INEM or to make a sustaining contribution to INEM under terms to be defined by the Executive Board and revised from time to time as appropriate.
1.1.3 Institutional Memberships may be available to organizations and institutions under terms to be defined by the Executive Board and revised from time to time as appropriate.
1.1.4 Honorary Memberships may be awarded to individuals who will qualify by reason of their outstanding accomplishments in the field of the methodology of economics and/or by reason of their unusual contribution to the work of INEM. Election to honorary Membership will be accomplished upon nomination by the Executive Board and approval by a majority of those members casting ballots.
2. The Executive Board
2.1 The Executive Board will consist of the elected officers of INEM, the immediate past Chairperson of the Association, the Executive Editor of the Journal of Economic Methodology, and six (6) additional members elected by mail ballot of the membership. No more than three (3) of these six elected members of the Executive Board may represent the same country. The Officers of INEM will serve on the Executive Board during their terms of office.
2.2 The duties and responsibilities of the members of the Executive Board will have been defined in the various sections of this constitution.
2.3 Each elected member of the Executive Board will hold office for a period of six years. The initial composition of the Board will include one-third elected for a two-year term, one third elected for a four-year term, and one-third elected for a six year term. The terms of each initial member will be determined by lot.
2.4 The election of members to the Executive Board will be accomplished by mail ballot distributed to members during the month of October of even numbered years. A plurality of the ballots returned in favor or election will, subject to the conditions on balance set out in paragraph 2.1, be sufficient to elect a member to the Executive Board. The members so elected will begin their terms of office on December 1 following the distribution of the ballots.
2.5 Nominees for membership on the Executive Board will be designated by a committee of three (3) members who do not serve on the Executive Board but who are appointed to the nominating Committee by the Officers of the Association. The number of candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee shall exceed the number of vacancies, and in compiling the list of candidates, the Nominating Committee shall pay due regard to the range of interests and geographical spread of the membership of INEM. Nominees may also be named by other members of the Association, in which case the name of a nominee will be automatically be placed on the ballot when the nomination has been endorsed by at least ten members of the Association. Each year’s ballot paper will ask members to suggest names to be considered by the nominating committee in the following election.
2.6 A vacancy on the Executive Board occurs when an elected member resigns or when an elected member assumes one of the elective offices of the Association. A vacancy will be filled with the runner up in the most recent election.
3 Officers of the Association
3.1 The elected officers (Chairperson) shall serve for a term of two years. Election shall be by mail ballot administered in accordance with the procedures for the election of the Executive Board. Such officers shall assume office on December 1 following the election.
3.2 The Chairperson
3.2.1 The Chairperson of the Association will preside over all general sessions of the Association and over each meeting of the Executive Board.
3.2.2 The Chairperson of the Association will serve for a period of two (2) years beginning on December 1 of even-numbered years.
3.2.3 It is the intent of INEM that the Chairpersonship should rotate regularly among nationals of different countries.
3.4 The Executive Secretary/Treasurer
3.4.1 The Executive Secretary/Treasurer will be recruited by the Executive Board from a list of nominees. The list of nominees may include names of persons which have been submitted by individual members of INEM or which nominees, themselves, have proposed.
3.4.2 The Executive Board will select the Executive Secretary/Treasurer based on the qualifications of the nominee and the character and extent of support guaranteed by the institution with which the nominee is affiliated.
3.4.3 The duties of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer will include responsibility for the following. The performance of some of these duties may, with the agreement of the Executive Board, be contracted out to a publisher or other qualified organization. Maintenance of all financial records; Maintenance of all membership records; Administration of all financial resources; Maintain records of each meeting of INEM and each meeting of the Executive Board and distribute such minutes to INEM or the Board as appropriate.
3.4.4 The Executive Secretary/Treasurer will be compensated for expenses incurred in activities assigned by the Association. The amount of this compensation will be determined as needed by the Executive Board.
3.4.5 The Executive Secretary/Treasurer will serve for a period of two (2) years beginning at the time a vacancy occurs in this office. The person so selected may be reappointed by the Executive board at its pleasure.
3.5 Intra-Term Vacancies
3.5.1 Vacancies in any of these offices may be filled on an interim basis by majority vote of the Executive Board. Persons appointed in this way will serve until the next elected officer is scheduled to assume the position.
4 The Publications Board
4.1 The Executive Committee will appoint an appropriate number of members of the Association to serve as a Publications Board.
4.2 The Publications board will serve terms of office that are appropriate to the interest of the individual appointees and of the Executive Board.
4.3 The Publications Board will be responsible for planning, supervising, and selecting the publications appropriate to the purpose and objectives of the Association.
5 Publications
5.1 Anthologies and other Book Length Publications
5.1.1 From time to time, the Publications Board may publish anthologies of individual research reports or book length monographs on topics that are appropriate to the purpose and objectives of INEM.
5.1.2 Proposals may be made to the Publications Board by person or persons who expect to complete the proposed project.
5.2 Journal
5.2.1 The Executive Board and the Publications Board may arrange special relationships with existing journal(s) or the Boards may decide to sponsor its own journals.
5.2.2 The operations of any journal sponsored by INEM, the appointment of its Editors, and the relationship between the Editors and any Editorial Board, or the nature of any special relationships with other journals shall be determined by the Executive Board and managed by the Publications Board in negotiation with any publishers involved.
6 Administration Operations
6.1 Administration of the business of INEM will be assigned to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer of INEM. It will be the responsibility of that Officer to maintain all records of the Association including its membership lists, its mailing lists, and its financial records.
6.2 The administrative functions of INEM will be located at a site that is appropriate to the activities of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer.
6.3 The location for the administrative functions will require certain kinds of institutional support.
1 Dues and Assessments
1.1 Dues of members will be set by the Executive Board after hearing budget proposals from the Executive Secretary of INEM. Should dues include subscriptions to any journal or other regular publications sponsored by INEM, dues will be negotiated between the Executive Board (represented by the Chairperson) and the publisher(s) of such publications.
2 Other Funding
2.1 Other funding may be solicited from time to time as appropriate to the purpose an objectives of INEM.
2.2 Such funding may be solicited only after the Executive Board has reviewed the source of funds, the granting agency, and the proposal for its/their consistency with the purpose and objectives of INEM.
3 The INEM Treasury will be located in a financial institution chosen by the Executive Board and which is convenient to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
2 Such other committees as will facilitate the execution of programs and operations of the Association.
1 This constitution will have been adopted when a majority of those members of INEM who return ballot papers have voted to approve this constitution.
2 Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by majority vote of the executive committee or on petition by at least 25 members of INEM.
3 A proposed amendment will then be submitted to the entire membership of INEM from the Executive Board. Any additional expense involved in this submission may be borne by the persons who have proposed the amendment.
4 An amendment to this constitution will be accomplished when at least two-thirds of those voting have voted to ratify the proposal.
1 In the event of the dissolution of INEM all remaining assets will be dispersed to other organizations whose purpose and objectives are as nearly related to those of INEM as possible.
2 The determination of the consistency of such an organization will be made by the Executive Board in conjunction with the decision to dissolve INEM.
3 The actual disposition of the assets of INEM will be accomplished by the Executive Secretary of INEM as that person’s last official act.

11th May 1998


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